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Now's the time to start
building a leaner, healthier,
happier you.

All the information you need is right at your fingertips. The Transform in 90 app and microsite are designed to provide you basic program details, a transformation daily tracker, and a global challenge for additional motivation.


Set up your daily tracker

Utilize the Transform in 90 app and microsite for simple, at-your-fingertip tracking, goal setting, activity alerts, and reminders. See your transformation changes with graphic charts and access support information all through your iOS and Android smartphone, tablet, or home computer. Track your success daily on the Transform in 90 app or microsite. Tracking will allow you to identify patterns, pitfalls, and triumphs so you know what’s working and what’s not. Make sure to describe any changes in mood, appetite, craving, or body appear­ance in the notes section of the daily tracker. The Transform in 90 app and microsite empower you with the knowledge you need to stay on the path to success.


Download the app or visit the Daily Tracker page to set up your profile and get started on your journey to a healthier, leaner lifestyle. We encourage you to track your progress through the Daily Tracker. Click here to learn how to install the app.


Identify Your Goal

When setting up your profile in the Daily Tracker, you will be prompted to write a one sentence goal that describes what you want to look, feel, or be like after the TR90 program. This does not need to be a weight-related goal. It could be any goal you want to work toward, such as “I want to run a marathon by August” or “I want to spend more time with my children.”


Tips on Creating a Goal

What area of your life do you want to influence through your transformation? Nutrition, body, lifestyle? How will your transformation change you and your life? For tips on how to calculate your body composition and ideal weight click here.


Snap Your Day 1 Photos

Take your photos and upload them to your profile on the Daily Tracker or Transform in 90 app. Click here for information on the photo requirements. For examples of approved photos, check out the Photo Gallery.


Measure Today

Grab a tape measure, take your current measurements, and record them on the Transform in 90 app or Daily Tracker page. For measurement instructions to record the various measurements, click here.


Be Informed

Review the recommended product usage, eating plan, and activity tips provided on your market website so you can take full advantage of these tools. Click here for another resource about developing an active lifestyle.


Be Accountable

Actively managing your weight is personal, and sharing your goals with others can be challenging. However, there is real power in sharing them with someone else—especially someone who is working toward similar goals. We encourage you to share your goal with another program participant, a family member, or your Nu Skin distributor during the first week of this trial. Then share your experiences with them during your 90-day journey to strengthen your motivation and determination. Make sure to set up accountability partners on the Transform in 90 app or Daily Tracker on the microsite.


Develop Your Transformation Story

As you participate in the TR90 program, think about how you will create your transformation story. This success story will tell others about your experience, how the program has improved your life, and how it will impact your business going forward.

Track Your Progress!

Use the daily tracker to stay on course and achieve your goals.